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Surgery of the HipJoint

Information for Therapists

Post operative therapy protocols

Thank you for your assistance in managing a patient under our combined care. Our recommended protocols for the initial post-operative rehabilitation after hip arthroscopy and hip arthroplasty procedures can be downloaded below. Your patient also will have been provided with a copy of their operation records, that will include any specific instructions or precautions considered necessary in their management.


Patients managed by hip arthroscopy will have been provided with a digital copy of the photographs taken during their procedure for your information. These images will detail the pathology observed and conduct of their procedure.


If you have any questions about a specific patients management, please contact us for further advice.



Many patients undertaking hip arthroplasty procedures (total hip replacement, hip resurfacing) will have received access to a peri-operative recovery protocol via a web-based medium called HealthLnx.


The peri-operative HealthLnx protocol starts 3 weeks prior to surgery and is completed 6 weeks after surgery. The objectives of the program are to better prepare patients for surgery and to provide a standardised and progressive care plan throughout the peri-operative period. We advise patients that the HealthLnx pathway is optimally used in conjunction with regular advice from their treating physiotherapist.


The HealthLnx protocol may be adjusted by treating therapists to adapt to your patients' requirements according to your clinical recommendations. A login will be required to access HealthLnx as a provider. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Brisbane Hip Clinic or via the HealthLnx website.



We welcome collaboration with treating health practitioners and support ongoing education through a clinical visitation program at St Andrews War Memorial. Please contact us by email for further information.




This information has been written by A/Prof Patrick Weinrauch for the purposes of patient education. The details provided are of general nature only and do not substitute for professional recommendations based on an individual clinical assessment. © A/Prof Patrick Weinrauch. Brisbane Hip Clinic. 05/16.