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Surgery of the HipJoint

Femoral Osteotomy

What is a Femoral Osteotomy?

Femoral osteotomy is an operation where the femur (thigh bone) is cut and the alignment is adjusted. For the treatment of hip conditions, the bone cut is made in the upper part of the thigh bone, and the position held with a plate and screws until the bone unites.


Why is Femoral Osteotomy performed?

In adolescents and adults, femoral osteotomy is usually used to correct bone deformities which have developed as a result of childhood hip conditions such as Perthes disease. Femoral osteotomy can occasionally be used to protect areas of bone within the femoral head (ball of the hip joint) which have become softened as a result of avascular necrosis.


What should I expect?

Most patients will be in hospital for about 5 days. The bone slowly unites over a period of 3 months, and crutches will be required for this period. Partial weight bearing on the hip using crutches can be commenced at 6 weeks after surgery. The anticipated benefits from the osteotomy will depend on the reason for conducting the surgery and the type of osteotomy performed. This will be discussed in detail prior to surgery. Removal of the plate and screws 12 months after the osteotomy is usually recommended.

This information has been written by A/Prof Patrick Weinrauch for the purposes of patient education. The details provided are of general nature only and do not substitute for professional recommendations based an individual clinical assessment. 03/14.