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Surgery of the HipJoint

Telemedicine Checklist

To enable us to provide a high quality Telemedicine service we require that you follow the instructions listed below. If you are unable to comply with the requirements for a Telemedicine Consultation, please notify us early so that alternative arrangements may be made.

At least 1 week prior to your Telemedicine Consultation

1. Check your ability to conduct Skype video conferencing (both audio and visual). Consider a trial with our reception staff.

2. Nominated Skype account details have been submitted to the Brisbane Hip Clinic.

3. An up to date referral from your Doctor has been recieved by the Brisbane Hip Clinic (ask clinic staff if unsure).

4. Health Questionnaire & Hip Scores have been submitted online (for new patient appointments).

5. Relevant imaging tests (XRays, Scans) are available for your assessment (see notes below).

On the day of your Telemedicine Consultation

1. Skype account is active and online.

2. Suitable environment - Minimal background noise and good lighting. Consider that you may need to demonstrate standing, walking and any surgical incisions.

3. Able to be contacted by telephone if necessary.

4. Credit Card/ Medicare/ DVA or other payment details available.

Connecting your Telemedicine Consultation

1. At your arranged appointment time, Brisbane Hip Clinic staff will contact your nominated Skype account.

2. We require you to answer the Skype call as "Video" as Telemedicine conferencing must include both audio and visual components.

Telemedicine Scans and XRays - Please note

- Reports alone are insufficient. We require the original images to be provided for accuarate evaulation of your condition. 

- If your imaging has been conducted with a radiology provider that allows online (web based) access:

               - Images do not need to be posted.

               - You will need to inform our staff which radiology provider conducted your imaging, otherwise we will be unable to obtain access.

               - Check with our reception staff that appropriate access to your images can be obtained from your provider.

- Images in either printed "hard copy" or digital CD formats are also suitable. You will need to post these at least 1 week in advance of your appointment.

- If posting scans, we recommend sending the digital CD copy. We also recommend requesting a second CD from your radiology provider to keep for your own records.

- Keep your printed "hard copy" films safe - they will be required if surgery is recommended.

- We request you provide us with any images or scans which you feel may assist in your evaluation.

- Unless submitted with a return stamped & addressed envelope, we will not automatically return posted images.

- Due to the large number of patients we treat, we have a limited ability to store posted images. Unclaimed XRay films will be destroyed.



If you have any questions about Telemedicine Appointments, please contact the office on 3831 9777.   



This information has been written by A/Prof Patrick Weinrauch for the purposes of patient education. The details provided are of general nature only and do not substitute for professional recommendations based on an individual clinical assessment. © A/Prof Patrick Weinrauch. Brisbane Hip Clinic.