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Surgery of the HipJoint

Brisbane Hip Clinic Research Institute

We aim to deliver the most up to date research proven methods of treatment available. We are actively involved research, development and education to establish new and innovative techniques in the management of hip disorders for the benefit of people under our care. 


Current Research and Development Initiatives

Distribution of Articular Damage in Early Hip Degenerative Joint Disease

Analysis of the operative findings observed in 1127 consecutive primary hip arthroscopy procedures conducted by A/Prof Weinrauch at St Andrews War Memorial Hospital. The main focus of this research is to document the pattern and distribution of early osteoarthritis wear within the hip joint to better understand how arthritis develops and factors that predispose to articular wear. Initial data analysis has highlighted how "typical" patterns of hip osteoarthritis progress and has also detected particular population groups at risk of "atypical" patterns of articular wear, which demonstrate different clincial features and outcomes compared to more standard arthritic hip disease. 


HealthLnx Internet Based Therapy Program for Hip Resurfacing and Replacement Procedures

Currently in the development and initial trialling phase, the HealthLnx Initiative uses an innovative internet based media platform to deliver a peri-operative education and physical conditioning program for patients undertaking Hip Replacement and Hip Resurfacing procedures under the care of A/Prof Weinrauch. The package is started 3 weeks prior to surgery to best prepare patients prior to undertaking their procedure then continues whilst in hospital and for 6 weeks after surgery to provde a standardised recovery program with the assistance of a patients usual physiotherapist.


Peri-articular Muscle Function in Patients with Hip Joint Chondrolabral Pathology

A combined research initiative with the University of Queensland. Electromyography (EMG) and MRI are used to evaluate the structure and activity of muscles about the hip throughout  functional activities in patients with symptomatic hip disorders who have not undertaken previous surgery. The results will be used to better understand muscular deficiencies and compensatory mechanisms that are used by people with painful hip joint cartilage injuries. 


Use of a cemented constrained acetabular component for the management of hip osteoarthritis in a patient with severe osteogenesis imperfecta and recurrent grand mal seizure activity 

Case illustration and literature review article.


Femoral neck stress shielding in Birmingham Mid Head Resection Arthroplasty

Case illustration and literature review article.


Further Information

For more information about our current research and development programs please contact the Brisbane Hip Clinic. For more information about our previous research initiatives and publications, follow this link


Post-Gradulate Orthopaedic Surgeon Fellowship Program

Brisbane Hip Clinic is proud to announce an accredited Fellowship Program for post-graduate Orthopaedic Surgeons is currently under development. Link for further details.


Research Support

We welcome donations in support of our current and prospective research initiatives. Please contact:


Gordon Lynn

Group Manager Fundraising and Development, UnitingCare Health




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