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Telemedicine Introduction

Brisbane Hip Clinic is pleased to offer the option of Telemedicine Consultation services for the convenience of elligible patients. This service can be used for many aspects of your management including your initial assessment consultation, pre-operative evaluations and also review assessments including post-surgical evaulation. For this reason, we highly recommend obtaining a Skype account to assist in your management.

Why Telemedicine?

Video conferencing is ideal for patients who find travelling to Brisbane CBD inconvenient or live some distance away. Telemedicine is a simple and convenient way of making contact with your Specialist from your own home. All that is required is the ability to perform Skype online video calls - most computers, iPhones and iPad devices have this capability. 

Who is elligible for Telemedicine services?

To be elligible for Telemedicine services with the Brisbane Hip Clinic, you must meet the following minimum criteria:


- Live at least 15km outside of the Brisbane CBD.

- Have a valid referral from your referring Doctor.

- Capability to perform video conferencing (both audio and visual) by Skype.

How do I arrange a Telemedicine Consultation?

When you ring the Brisbane Hip Clinic for an appointment, you may request that your consultation be performed by Telemedicine. You will need to meet certain requirements and eligibility criteria for Telemedicine consultations. Clinic staff will assist you in making a convenient appointment time for your Telemedicine Consultation. A letter from your referring Doctor will assist us in determining your requirements for an earlier consultation if required. We strongly recommend you check our Telemedicine Checklist a minimum of 1 week in advance of your consultation.


On the day of your Telemedicine Consultation, clinic staff will contact your nominated Skype account. Payment of any out of pocket expenses can be made by Credit Card and a reciept will be emailed to you. 


After your consultation Dr Weinrauch will send a letter to your referring Doctor (and other health care providers involved in your care) explaining the findings and recommendations for your ongoing management.

What is Skype?

Skype is a internet based Video Conferencing program. Skype is free to obtain and can be downloaded from Video Conferencing between Skype users is a free service. Many different types of devices will support Skype Video Conferencing, including video camera enabled computers, iPhones and iPads. For computers without inbuilt cameras, suitable cameras are relatively inexpensive, readily available and easy to install. Video conferencing enables you to speak face to face with your Doctor but also allows limited physical examination tests to be conducted such as the observation of walking and wound inspection.

What are the limitations of Telemedicine?

While many aspects of your management can be conducted online by Telemedicine, a face to face consultation will always be required if surgery is recommended. Additionally, there may be some aspects of your evaluation where physical examination in Brisbane will be necessary to assist in your diagnosis or management. Typically however, Telemedicine services may substantially reduce the number of trips you are required to make into Brisbane CBD.




Coordinating hip replacement if you live outside of south east Queensland




This information handout has been written by Dr Patrick Weinrauch for the purposes of patient education. The details provided are of general nature only and do not substitute for professional recommendations based an individual clinical assessment.