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Brisbane Hip Clinic
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Surgery of the HipJoint

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Brisbane Hip Clinic

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General information

- For initial consultations, please arrive 15 minutes early.
- Late arrival may require re-scheduling or cancellation of your appointment as to not inconvenience others.
- Remember ALL scans to EVERY appointment. Failure to attend with relevant imaging may delay your management.
- For your convenience, we recommend you complete the registration & general health questionnaires online.
- You will be advised of the fees applicable for your initial consultation when you make your appointment. 
- Payment of the initial consultation fee is required at the time of your appointment.
- We strongly recommend discussing with your health insurance provider about any exclusions relating to hip joint surgery. 
- DVA Insurance is accepted.
- Dr Weinrauch does not accept workers compensation insurance or third party claim insurance.
- Dr Weinrauch does not conduct medico-legal or insurance claim examinations or reporting services. 
- Clinic staff are not able to provide quotes for surgical procedures prior to your consultation.
- Dr Weinrauch does not consult or operate from Public Hospitals or provide "Intermediate" care in public hospitals.
- If you are unable to attend, please advise us 2 working days prior for the convenience of others waiting.
- Recurrent non attendance without adequate notice may result in denial of access for future appointments.
- Failure to attand your scheduled appointment without notice may attract a dishonour fee (see below).

Parking information

On site free parking is available for patients attending the Brisbane Hip Clinic. Please park only in Brisbane Hip Clinic allocated parking zones as adjacent parking areas are designated for other local buisnesses and infringing vehicles may be towed. Street parking is also available at reasonable rates.
Whilst attending for your appointment with Brisbane Hip Clinic or Recovery Medical, please park in these designated areas only or use the metered street parking availble.

Telemedicine consultation service

Brisbane Hip Clinic is pleased to offer the option of Telemedicine Consultation services for the convenience of elligible patients. Telemedicine services can be used for many aspects of your management either before or after surgical procedures.  We recommend obtaining a Skype account to assist in your management. 
For more details see our Telemedicine links.

Clinic checklist - please remember

1. Referral letter (unless forwarded directly from your referring practitioner).
2. Medicare or Veterans Affairs card.
3. Insurance information.
4. All previous X-Rays/ CTs/ MRI scans for every appointment. We prefer printed "hard copy" films for your clinic evaluation and recommend you obtain printed copies or a CD of your imaging from your radiology provider. Radiology reports are not satisfactory to make accurate management recommendations - in order to serve you best, we require access to the original images. Failure to attend with relevant imaging may delay your management. If you are unsure, please speak to our clinic staff in advance.
5. Copies of operation records & medical notes if you have had previous treatment elsewhere. In particular this relates to previous surgical procedure records.
6. Appropriate attire for your physical examination.


Non attendance policy

For the convenience of other people waiting for care, please advise us if you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment.


Failure to attend your appointment without prior notification (within 24 hours of scheduled appointment) may result in a non attendance fee being issued. Please note non-attendance fees do not attract Medicare or private health fund rebates. Non attendance fees will be applied as follows:


Physiotherapy, Pilates, Exercise Physiology and Dietician services: 100% of anticipated service fee.

Medical services: 50% of anticpated service fee.


Recurrent non attendance may result in denial of future services at Brisbane Hip Clinic.


Radiology return policy 

Particularly for telemedicine consultation services, where digital online imaging from your provider is not available, we accept posted images in either printed or CD format for your consultation. Upon recieving the images, we will arrage for them to be securely uploded onto the iMed digital platform (through St Andrews Medical Imaging) for future access and long term storage. Please note we will NOT hold imaging within our facility and we will NOT return post imaging provided to our facility.


Pharmaceuticals policy

Please note this facility does not hold any prescription pharmaceuticals, analgesics or drugs of dependence on site.


Acceptable behaviour policy

Brisbane Hip Clinic is committed to providing a consutructive and respectful environment for both our patients and staff. Verbal or physical abuse of any sort will not be tolerated. Unacceptable behaviour may result in denial of ongoing management within Brisbane Hip Clinic or referral to the police.



This information has been written for the purposes of patient education. © A/Prof Patrick Weinrauch. Brisbane Hip Clinic.