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Surgery of the HipJoint

Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist



Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Accredited Exercise Physiologist


BHlthSci (Nut & Diet), BAppSci (HMS) Hons




Michael Lawler is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Working in private practice since 2006, Michael brings a wide range of experience in weight loss, chronic disease management and exercise prescription.


Michael focuses on bringing evidence based nutrition advice and supervision to peri-surgical weight loss as well as exercise prescription for management and improvement of poor joint and muscle function and posture.


In his role as a dietitian, Michael will combine proven methods with highly accurate assessments and monitoring to help you achieve your objectives. An initial dietetics assessment with Michael will typically include a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Analysis, a full Body Composition Analysis (Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis) and an assessment of your current food intake, exercise capacity and a discussion about your goals. From this assessment Michael will work with you to decide on the best options for your management. Michael will walk you through the process of gaining healthy eating and lifestyle habits from start to finish, taking into consideration your current foods habits and behavious and skilfully adjusting to reach the goals you have set.


Michael has a particular interest in the development of structured weight loss programs delivered prior to surgery to reduce the risk of surgical complications. He also emphasises the need to focus on long term behaviour change, cooking and food planning skills, weight loss maintenance and improved food and body image relationships for overweight and obese people. As a result, each session is tailored to the individual and will regularly combine meal planning, goal setting and measurement of objective outcomes along with nutrition counselling and non-dieting counselling approaches.


In his role as an exercise physiologist, Michael has a special interest in exercise prescription for chronic pain conditions, joint instability and muscular imbalances. He will work with you on the foundations of good movement and assess that your exercise progression is at an appropriate rate. Excellent outcomes will come from a focus on quality foundations rather than jumping the gun and focusing on aggressive or unhealthy progression.


Michael has a love for outdoor pursuits and regularly enjoys kayaking and bushwalking with his family and friends. Michael is an avid cook and enjoys turning a boring diet into a culinary delight. Michael is the father of two beautiful girls and loves spending time with them and his wife Melody whenever he isn’t at work.


Michael is the Director of Eat Me Nutrition.