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Surgery of the HipJoint
Surgery of the Hip Joint
Surgery of the Hip Joint
Surgery of the HipJoint

International Patients

Australian private hospitals (including St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital) are able to provide services to people residing overseas, including people who are not Australian citizens. The following information is provided to assist patients who reside outside of Australia, who hold International Health Insurance or are not Australian citizens.


Australia has two health care systems - Public and Private. Public health care includes state funded hospitals for the management Australan citizens and eligible patients with reciprocal entitlements. Private health care allows faster access to treatment in a private hospital by the specialist of your choice who has completed training & holds appropriate qualifications. Australian citizens are eligible for government assistance towards the cost of private health care through Medicare. For Australian patients, any difference between the Medicare assistance and the costs of the health care provided are paid directly by the patient or their private health insurance fund.


International patients planning to have a surgical procedure within an Australian private hospital should be aware that there are three main fee sources which apply:


1. Hospital Fee (Contact St Andrews War Memorial Hospital)

This includes any charges associated with operating theatres, hospital bed stay, nursing care, inpatient physiotherapy and any prostheses or implants used. Often your International Medical Insurance will have arrangements already in place with the hospital to cover these expenses. We advise you contact St Andrew's War Memorial Patient Accounts Department on +61 (0) 7 3834 4444. Brisbane Hip Clinic does not administer the Hospital Fee - contact the hospital directly (as above).


2. Surgeon's Fee (Contact Brisbane Hip Clinic)

This includes any fees associated with the conduct of the operation, ongoing supervision and care while you are in hospital and your initial evaluation after discharge from hospital. It will also include any charges associated with a Surgeon's Assistant (usually required for hip joint procedures). Please note that A/Prof Weinrauch requires advance payment for  his services prior to the conduct of your procedure. Insurance company "letters of assurance" or "guarantees" for payment will not be accepted. Brisbane Hip Clinic will provide you with a quote for the Surgeon's Fee after your initial evaluation. To avoid disappointment, we require your account be settled 2 weeks prior to your surgery date or re-scheduling of your operation date may be required.


3. Anaesthetist's Fee (Contact Anaesthetist)

This is the fee associated with the Specialist provision of anaesthetic for your procedure and any associated care provided about the time of your anaesthetic. When an operation date has been selected, we will provide you the details of your prospective anasthetist to obtain a quote. Brisbane Hip Clinic does not administer the Anaesthetist's Fee - contact the Anaesthetist directly (as per instructions provided when booking surgery).


Please note:


  • For your convenience, Brisbane Hip Clinic provides a Telemedicine Consultation Service for your initial assessment and post-operative management.
  • For people living overseas, we strongly recommend using our Telemedicine service for your initial evaluation so that you can obtain quotes, plan treatment & associated flights.
  • Brisbane Hip Clinic staff are not able to provide quotes prior to your initial consultation as these will be determined by the nature and complexity of your procedure.
  • Prior to your initial evaluation by A/Prof Weinrauch, the hospital and the anaesthetist will be unable to provide you accurate quotes for your procedure. For example with hip replacement procedures the hospital fees include provision for the cost prosthetic implants. The type of prosthetic implants selected will be determined by A/Prof Weinrauch taking into consideration your individual requirements - this will influence the hospital fee.
  • Some additional fees may be associated with additional services such as Radiology or Pathology testing depending on your procedure and the requirement.
  • We advise you contact your Health Insurance Provider early when planning surgery to avoid disappointment.
  • Information regarding local accomodation and transport can be obtained by contacting the Brisbane Hip Clinic.



This information has been written by A/Prof Patrick Weinrauch for the purposes of patient education. The details provided are of general nature only and do not substitute for professional recommendations based an individual clinical assessment. 05/14.