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Pilates is a strength and conditioning fitness activity that focuses on central “core” muscle groups associated with posture and joint stability.  Its emphasis is on developing strong core stabilisers, in particular, the muscles of the abdomen, lower back and hips.  Many people with long-term hip joint disorders demonstrate weakness and poor flexibility of the joint and associated structures, often leading to postural and gait changes in order to compensate for the underlying condition.  Unlike many other forms of physical exercise, conditioning by Pilates is generally well tolerated by people who have hip joint disorders, as the movements are non-impact, highly controlled and can be very specific to individual muscle groups.  If practiced with consistency, Pilates improves flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in not only the core musculature, but throughout the entire body.  


At Brisbane Hip Clinic our Pilates classes are classified as either Rehabilitation Pilates or Fitness Pilates, although there is a significant overlap between the groups.  Rehabilitation Pilates is focused on specific injury or rehabilitation pre- and post-surgery, and is suited to individuals who have significant muscle weakness and de-conditioning, or who have recently had an operation related to their hip.  Conversely, Fitness Pilates is more suited towards individuals without injury, who are seeking longer-term fitness and conditioning results.  One of the advantages of Pilates is that it allows for exercises to be modified in range and difficulty, from beginner to advanced, depending on the client’s level of fitness and exercise tolerance.  For this reason, we have found exercise prescription by Pilates to be an excellent method of treatment and physical re-conditioning for our patients.


Brisbane Hip Clinic offers small group Fitness Pilates classes with a maximum of 1 instructor to 3 participants.  Each person is assessed and a program is designed specifically to the individual’s goals and recovery requirements.  Our classes use Pilates reformers to achieve a greater degree of versatility of exercise prescription and obtain focused results for particular muscle groups.  Our Pilates instructor offers a unique skill set in her instruction – she is both a Pilates Instructor and a Registered Nurse, specifically trained in managing hip disorders after having worked in the Brisbane Hip Clinic for many years, both within operating theatres and outpatient clinics.  


Rehabilitation Pilates at Brisbane Hip Clinic


1 on 1 class

Highly invidualised 30 minute sessions

Reformer or floor mat activity


Fitness Pilates at Brisbane Hip Clinic


Small group (maximum 3 participant) classes

Reformer based

Instructor guided & supervised

45 Minute sessions

Four session pack or single sessions available


Appointments, enquiries & session availability


Please phone Brisbane Hip Clinic Reception on 38319777


Instructions for participants


Please attend 10 minutes early to allow for a self directed pre-session warm up and stretch in gym

Kitchen area available for tea/ coffee/ cold drink prior to session

Bring towel & water bottle

Recommend active wear/ yoga pants and non slip socks

If attending after hours - access via rear door, near car park

Street parking available for gymnamsium and Pilates clients (reserved BHC parking for clinic use only)



Complimentary Gymnasium Access Program


Brisbane Hip Clinic is pleased to offer patients under the care of our allied health therapy team complimentary gymnasium access to assist with their rehabilitation and fitness goals (Link).










































This information has been written by A/Prof Patrick Weinrauch for the purposes of patient education. The details provided are of general nature only and do not substitute for professional recommendations based on an individual clinical assessment. © A/Prof Patrick Weinrauch. Brisbane Hip Clinic.